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ladybullet's Journal

29 March
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I am a mature woman, living with my daughter in PA. I am a tenacious gay advocate, not able to march anymore, but I contribute to Marriage Equality programs and support my gay friends in any way I can. I have a gay friend who is very dear to me, my grandaughter is a lesbian, and I am always interested in other gay life stories with an eye to writing their life in my own words. I have about 35 stories finished, working on several more. They are mostly about "regular" people, those who go to work, raise families, live good clean lives, love each other endlessly and do the best they can to be happy living within the confines of their homosexuality. Brokeback Mountain changed my life, opened my eyes and made me a whole new person. I am completely committed to making the workd a better place for all in the LGBT community.
baking, cooking, dining out, especially musicals, mark weigle's music, my children, my computer, my grandchildren, old movies, reading, stories about gay werewolves, talking with friends, writing gay romances